Cocotal Golf and Country Club

There is more to Jose “Pepe” Gancedo than just being a golf champion. With the work he has done as a course designer, with Cocotal Golf and Country Club in particular, Gancedo is a well rounded genius. He is called the Picasso of golf course design, but he is not merely an artist. He is a wizard – working his magic to come up with one of the most famous golf vacation destinations in the Dominican Republic.

The Cocotal Golf and Country Club is a 27-hole spectacle in Punta Cana. On his work here, Gancedo let nature do the talking, but had his say heard loud and clear. The course flows through natural terrain, with Gancedo leaving the interruption to a minimum. But with minimum, it was placing the trees where they will most be felt – not merely seen. A good variation of coconut trees, tropical trees, and coconut palms that work hand-in-hand with the incessant sea breeze to let the golfers know where they are, and make them remember it as their most favorite golf vacation. There is as much nature features on this course as there are man-made ones – including the well-shaped, well-placed bunkers, but the wizard in Gancedo made the distinction close to nothing at all.

Not ever course designer could come up with something equally stunning and equally challenging. Gancedo managed to, and in a very excellent, absolute stand-out fashion. The magic of the Spanish golf course designer is not merely in neatly weaving his talents with the blessings of Mother Nature. It is in the innate sense and wisdom on what makes golf trips happy. The Cocotal Golf and Country Club has four sets of tees, measuring 7,285 from the longest. It opened in 2000.


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