Lely Mustang Golf Club

There is always that one member of the family who is kinder than everyone else – the ones who are more popular with the larger crowd simply because they are so easy to be with. In a family of courses in a resort, that kinder, easier course will always be present too. Just like the Lely Mustang Golf Club in Naples, Florida. While its sibling course, the Flamingo, draws raves for being beautiful and very challenging, this golf vacation destination is carving a name of its own for being Mr Congeniality. This course has its own brand of challenge that leaves a lot of fun room for the lower-handicapped players. And no one could dare say anything against its looks, lest risk being called dishonest.

The twelve stunning lakes of the Lely Mustang Golf Club are enough a proof of its unparalleled beauty. But stopping at that feature is not giving justice to the totality of the work that designer Lee Trevino did here. The lakes along with a number of sand bunkers give as much grit to the course as it could get. Thankfully, though, the undulating fairways and the relatively flat greens make for easier recovery after an errant shot. Pretty much like the Flamingo, the Mustang is lined with many Florida pines and other native vegetation and could easily be said to be as beautiful. But what separates the two is the Mustang’s being forgiving, therefore less daunting and more inviting. Makes for enjoyable golf trips for more people.

From the longest tees, the Lely Mustang Golf Club measures 7,217 yards, par 72. Golf vacations hereabouts are completed by the resort’s world class set of amenities, and are celebrated by the countless golfers it made happy since its opening in 1991.


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