Dragon Ridge Country Club

This dragon may be sleeping, and it may not be able to breathe fire, but its features have more than enough spunk in them to ignite a fiery passion to each golfer who plays here. That, or it could just be the desert heat. Either way, the Dragon Ridge Country Club is one golf vacation destination that looks as tough as it is, without looking monstrous. Much like a Lucy Liu or a Zhang Zi Yi.

A joint creation of renowned designers, Jay Morrish and Dave Druzisky, the Dragon Ridge Country Club features 6,975 yards from the longest “Dragon” tees, par 72. The biggest challenges at the course are handed by nature itself. The elevation changes are so varied, they range from steep to very steep. Dramatic at the least, erratic at worst. An organized mess of bunkers, desert washes, and some well-thought of water features dot the entirety of the course, giving life to the “dragon” that will make anyone’s golf vacation a most challenging, and memorable one.

The Dragon Ridge Country Club got its name from the nearby ridge that has a very interesting rock formation atop it that resembles the scales on a dragon’s back. This, the surrounding desert, and a view of the Las Vegas skyline serve as background image from many different points around the course. If the difficulty of this golf course is not enough to spark some fiery passion for the sport, it is enough to transform an ordinary golf trip into one of epic, monstrous proportions.


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