Siena Golf Club

This is not anywhere near Siena, Italy but any golfer could easily utter a hearty “Benissimo!” at the first sight of the Siena Golf Club in Las Vegas. And that should not be an object of surprise. Being surrounded by the beautiful Spring Mountains always has that kind of effect on people. But the layout, well the layout has its own effect. It ranges between bewildered and charmed, bewitched more likely. The effect may vary, but the method is consistent: a full blown golf vacation here to experience it in its fullness.

The Siena Golf Club is located in Summerlin and features more than 6,800 yards of golf, par 72. Right from the opening hole to the very last (and even after it), the golf vacation destination promises to keep its guests entertained. The course is one huge spectacle of rye grass fairways, beautifully contoured sand bunkers and undulating bentgrass greens. Whilst these features are a sight for sore eyes, they are as fatal. As are the stunning water hazards that play on six of the eighteen holes. But it will be a pain in the neck only to the careless and underestimating. Not to discourage though, this Schmidt-Curley creation were made with plenty of bail-out grass areas, a most perfect reprieve so to speak.

And since this course is rocking the Italian vibe, obviously, the 14,000 square foot clubhouse will take golfers on a Tuscan holiday. The food at the Bistro is not any different, too. Given these features, it is safe to say that golf trips at the Siena Golf Club are just as excellent in any other language.



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