Tuscany Golf Club

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy life is to think outside the box. Whilst many people rave about all the great things in central Vegas, and while golfers scramble to get to the best there is within the city, the knowing golfers choose to go outside. Outside the city that is. Henderson, Nevada, a mere thirty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, holds a wonderful secret in its midst: a golf vacation destination that features everything good thinkable about a desert course, The Tuscany Golf Club.

This is not Italy but it is definitely a bellisima course, with almost 7,000 yards of golf, par 72. Since its opening in 2003, it has seen a change or two in its continuous desire for improvement, and today it could not get any better. Desert landscape, impeccably maintained greens, palms and pine trees, arroyos, large bunkers, and water features at just the right areas. Ted Robinson has designed this course to blend so well with nature it gives the feeling that Tuscany Golf Club has been there since the day the world began. It is a world away from the rest of the world – ON ONE SIDE that is, with the views of the surrounding mountains. But the view of the Las Vegas skyline on the other side is a reminder that one is on a golf vacation at one of the world’s most beautiful places.

And the heavens must have heard, the fees at the Tuscany Golf Club are very affordable. For a golf course of this caliber, it sure is a good bargain! It does pay to think outside the box, to widen one’s horizons. In this case, literally. And literally, too, golf trips here will be very, very fun.


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