Badlands Golf Club

No golfer cannot go any “badder” than at the Badlands Golf Club. This is among Sin City’s most challenging desert golfing experience, and it won’t go easy on anybody. As its name implies, it can be outright bad to any golfer, but a fun and unforgettable challenge to the true golf lover. But not a single golfer would actually say that it is “bad” on merits of excellence in layout and scenery. This is one golf trip that will show the good in the bad.

The Badlands Golf Club is a collaboration of Johnny Miller and Chi Chi Rodriguez. They have magically transformed the flat piece of desert land into a complete golf facility consisting of three magnificent nines. And their names would speak for themselves: the Desperado, Diablo, and the newest one, the Outlaw. Each nine measures about 3,500 yards from the longest tees. Each nine features a rugged desert terrain, with quick greens and wide fairways. The contrasting textures and hues made by the sharp cliffs and rocks and the greens are a visual statement almost devilish in nature. No goody two shoes here; one can’t go nice and easy or shots will go wayward, and the monstrous arroyos and edges will eat the ball alive. This golf vacation destination is a force to reckon with, hands down.

Each pairing of nines brings a different flavor to the game. The desert heat and the breeze, though, are but a constant companion. The games here are so great, so challenging, that golf vacations here don’t come in single occurrences; there is almost always a nagging need to come back. It’s a bad habit to break. The Badlands Golf Club is perhaps the “best” “bad” thing to come to Las Vegas golfing.


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