Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club

A classic and understated golf course, the Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club in Valrico, Florida, is one surprising treat. It is none of the usual flamboyance and flair of a Florida golf course. On the contrary, it has a rather casual air, no arrogance, open to the public, but has many a great thrills to startle the unknowing golfer. This golf vacation destination has actually more challenge than it chooses to reveal, leaving it to the player to discover.

At 6,888 yards playing for a par of 72, the Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club is neither too short nor too long for its size. It is just about right, with its tree lined fairways and small greens are fast and undulating. Not much is known about this course, unless actually played. Some call it very difficult, others really challenging. Some still call it fun. No matter how it is called, the bottomline is, it is worthy of a golf trip or two.

Just like any Florida golf course, water makes its way around the course. In the Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club, six of its eighteen holes have water making its presence felt. And as with most anything in this paradise state of Florida, the course has a stunning scenery of the natural environment. It is a perfect and striking contrast to the course’s challenging layout, thereby making golf vacations here interesting and enjoyable. Quite unforgettable, too. Opened in 1968, its pristine condition is also a truly wonderful surprise. The best way to enjoy this course is to not expect anything, and take it one hole at a time.


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