The Bayou Club

It should not be surprising if a Tom Fazio creation is stunning. The layout is consistently beautiful, carved out of Mother Nature’s own hands, and so excellently challenging it always has to go to the books. The Bayou Club in Largo, Fl., is one perfect example. Its stunning quality is the type that takes a golfer through a myriad of emotions that leaves him gaping – in amazement that a golf vacation destination could be so beautiful, and gaping in shock while thinking of the best way to conquer each hole perfectly, neatly.

The Bayou Club features 7,085 yards of golf, 18 holes of the championship-quality holes spread on a vast natural bayou environment. It is surrounded by oaks, pines, and natural wildlife. A first look at the golf course instantly gives an assuring feeling to the golfer of having made the right decision: this is indeed the best place to spend a golf vacation in. The opening hole will reassure him even further. A very challenging 464-yard par 4 welcomes the golfer’s round, deemed to be the most difficult hole in the course. But the challenge level is not on a decrescendo mode. The claim of the 1st one being the most difficult is hardly accurate, the succeeding ones seem to be as demanding.

The most notable feature of The Bayou Club are the back-to-back par 5’s on the front and back-to-back par 3s on the back nine. This is only complimented by the presence of water on 16 of the 18 holes, and the round finishes with the most unforgettable Final Four hole-series. This course is so scenic, so superb, so stunning, it gives golfers their most unforgettable golf trips. And there is nothing surprising about that last bit.


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