The Plantation Inn and Golf Resort

Golf never grows old. It is a classic sport that never finds itself a passe; a venue where the generations past and the upcoming ones could compete head to head. Even old golf courses are as beautiful as when they were new, especially if the brand of golf experience they offer are a beautiful, classic combination of natural scenery, natural terrain, and a fun and extremely challenging layout. Such is one of Florida’s most classic golf facilities, The Plantation Inn and Golf Resort. Golf vacations here are a truly Floridan experience, set at another time and age.

This sixty year old golf complex in Crystal River was a Mark Mahannah creation and has all the makings of a classic, and is already one in its own right. The Plantation Inn and Golf Resort offers 27 holes of golf, playing on natural Florida wetlands and woods, getting as close to nature as possible. Guests can choose to either play a short game of nines at the Loops Course, or a full game at the 18-hole Champions course. Apart from natural undulations and tight fairways, the golf vacation destination has the signature features of golfing in the Sunshine State: bunkers (lots of them) and water (21 of 27 holes).

A classic by all respect, the Plantation Inn and Golf Resort thankfully belongs to an environment that respects and lives ‘classic’. Crystal River belongs to the Old Florida, a far cry from the beautiful mess of urban Central Florida, without necessarily being distant. Thus golf trips here are a certified breather, a calm and truly peaceful retreat from the usual complexities of modern golfing. It is a communion with the glory days of the sport hereabouts and with nature itself.


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