Lake Jovita Golf Club – South Course

Visitors should expect something BIG from a masterpiece of two of the best names in the field of golf. Course designer Kurt Sandness is the President and principle owner of Sandness Design Group, an organization that is known for taking any size project from concept to successful completion. While Co-designer Tom Lehman, an award-winning golfer, has brought his experience of playing in countless golf courses to his design. The team up of these two talented course designers resulted to one of the finest golf vacation destinations in Florida, the Lake Jovita Golf Club – South Course.

Lake Jovita Golf Club – South Course is designed to create a golf course of professional quality tour. It is interwoven through valleys, lakes, ponds, hills, and lush vegetation that make it a premier golf destination. It has many strategically placed bunkers on most of its holes while water elements will test the patience as well as the skills of the players. Proper tactics and good course management skills are required to win over its tough holes. To take full advantage of the uniquely hilly terrain is also a key element to overcome the holes. A golf trip to this Sandness-Lehman-design course is indeed challenging but a rewarding feeling awaits them when they finish each hole.

Despite the difficulty and challenge, a golf vacation at Lake Jovita Golf Club – South Course also offers amusement to the guests through its amenities. Aside from its scenic environment, it also features a world-class practice facility and separate teaching tees for beginners. Visitors can stay at the owned three-bedroom, two-bath club villas that overlook the eighteenth green after a round of golf. May it be a professional golfer, or a beginner, the experience of playing in this course that is created by two of the biggest names in golf designing is one to remember.


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