Emerald Greens Golf Resort – Meadows Course

The Emerald Greens in Tampa is one golf vacation destination for everybody. It has a scenic Tampa view, complete vacation facilities, and three distinct and equally beautiful nine-hole courses that could be played as 18-hole combinations, or a site for short lounging games on the greens. One of these nines is the versatile Meadows Course of the Emerald Greens Golf Resort.

Whether paired with the Cypress Course or the Pines Course, or as a short course, the Meadows Course of the Emerald Greens Golf Resort is a delight to play. It is arguably the most versatile of the nines – and the most forgiving too. Though its greens are shorter, the more open nine makes it an easier course to meander through for golfers of any skill level. It has all the goodness of Floridan golfing – from a good variety of bunkers to an abundance of water on most every hole, playing under the perfect sunshine in the Sunshine State. Golf trips here are defined by the golfers’ creativity in pairing the nines, and in tackling each unique obstacle they present.

The Meadows Course of the Emerald Greens Golf Resort, as well as the Cypress and the Pines Courses were all originally designed by Ed Ault back in the early 70’s but was renovated in 2004 by Dan Maples. The Emerald Greens may be the only golf resort in all of Tampa Bay, but it sure does give more than any golfer would expect. It makes up for what everyone needs in their golf vacations.


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