Atlantis Country Club

Whoever thinks that a shorter course is easier to conquer than a longer one obviously needs to expand his golf experience. There is much reason to believe he has not played the Atlantis Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida yet. And there is much reason to believe that he needs to plan his next golf vacation here, so as to know just how lethal a short layout is as a long one. This is totally unlike anything else in the state. Or anywhere else in the golfing world, for that matter.

The Atlantis Golf Club, a Robert Simmons creation, measures just 6,610 yards from the back tees, and looks shorter than it actually is. With the old growth pines lining the fairways, it does look shorter than it actually is, but there is nothing so simple and easy about it. Unlike in most other Florida course, golfers here do not have to worry about endless greens and gigantic water hazards in this golf course; they only have to battle the quick and undulating greens and unpredictable fairways. And they are not necessarily easy. Golf vacations here require an extra set of patience and technique, as well as good judgment to know when the next shot are actually what they seem to be.

Its multiple tees, as well as its many other world class amenities including a fine dining restaurant, makes this golf course one for everybody. The Atlantis Country Club is a must-see, a must-try, and a must play course for that unique golf trip.


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