Village Golf Club

A renovation does not necessarily mean the old one is ugly. It sometimes means the old one was good but there is always room to make things better. And such was the case of the 1960s Mark Mahannah creation in Royal Palm Beach, Florida – the Village Golf Club. Golfers would not have imagined there could be a better version of the golf vacation destination, but there is.

The 6,900-yard, par-72 championship golfing facility was expanded on all sides, the greens upgraded, and the amenities overhauled. Golfers are treated on 175 acres of the most verdant of Southern Florida terrain, with holes that wind through many challenging sand traps, mature cypresses, and a lot of water hazard. And by a LOT, the Village Golf Club DOES mean A LOT. Water plays a major role in the course and golfers need to be extremely careful and smart in dealing with the water holes. Thankfully though, most of the landing areas of the course are generous to compensate for the difficulty. To make matters even better, the other facilities in the course have also seen total renovations, thereby completing the golf vacation package.

The clubhouse of the Village Golf Club now measures a whooping 15,000 square feet with the 19th hole a ready oasis for golfers to replenish in after the long game. Golfers would also love the expanded practice putting greens and the practice chipping greens. The whole renovation cost some huge figures for the developer, but warranted better – maybe even the BEST – golf trips hereabouts for countless golfers. And that makes it all worth it.


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