Hammock Creek Golf Club

The next generation is said to be an improved version of its precedent. But the latter will always find itself as a most trusty mentor. This has been the case for father-and-son tandem, Jack and Jack II Nicklaus when they worked together at the Hammock Creek Golf Club. The result is a superb golf vacation destination that gives as much fun as it gives challenge – skill set regardless.

The 18-hole par-72 Hammock Creek Golf Club is in Palm City, Florida, a close distance from Port St. Lucie and Stuart. The course measures 7,119 yards from the championship tees. It is from this distance that the course is at its worst – that is, if one is not into intimidating, grueling, but extremely rewarding games. But from the other tees, golfers must not expect anything less than tough. Of course, a Nicklaus design is always challenging. Double the Nicklaus part, and you’re sure to get double the difficulty. As well as everything else – ranging from fun to beauty. And that’s exactly golf vacations hereabouts are made of.

The Hammock Creek Golf Club is defined by generous, rolling fairways, deceiving landing areas, smooth and fast green, wetlands, and old growth pine forests. This is complemented by a world class array of state-of-the art amenities and services, and the pride of completing a double-Nicklaus test. Opened in 1996, this golf trip haven is surely on its way to becoming a timeless classic, and continues to find a fan from golfers of this generation and the past. The next generation is on its way too.


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