Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club

If there is one thing that is required of a golfer at the Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club , it would be strategic thinking. That and the many other vacation essentials, of course. This golf vacation destination offers many twists that force the players to plan well before hitting to not waste a round. Most of its holes are tricky – the 378-yard, par-4 hole has a tough water hazard. Because of their attractive and strategic designs, holes 2 and 8 were featured as the best 18 holes in Jacksonville City. But no matter how difficult this course is, it comes with a promise of a reward for the smart golfer.

 Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club is always in good shape that is why it is a favorite destination of visitors who want to spend a relaxing and enjoyable golf vacation. It features impressive, tree-lined fairways and smooth greens that demand an intelligent shot-placement. Its course rating of 71.4 and a slope rating of 138 will surely test the skills of the golfers even though it is only 6,383 yards from the tips. Aside from precise shooting and course management skills, this course also lets the players to wisely choose what type of club to use depending on the Atlantic breeze.

 And the wise golfer gets a neat scorecard, naturally. But Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club is not all tough, serious, gripping games. Its welcoming atmosphere will also relax the minds of the visitors while the clubhouse that features dining, locker rooms, and golf shops will complete their golf trip. Now if that is not in itself a reward, then nothing is.


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