Bent Creek Golf Course

Bent Creek Golf Course in Jacksonville, Fl., has seen itself in significant growth in the past 20 years since it opened in 1989. From its name down to its many improvements over the years, this premier golf vacation destination has come of age to be worthy of truly representing the city of Jacksonville as its own golf course.

Golf legend Bobby Weed headed the design for Bent Creek Golf Course, with another legend, Mark McCumber as its consultant. The golf vacation haven is heavily mounded, a great way to add attitude to an otherwise flat North Florida terrain. The holes wind through an outgrowth of tall pines, creeks, ponds, and marsh, that make the course both visually stunning and challenging to golfers of all handicaps. The course has also maintained the course to be as close to nature as it possibly can, thus it earned them an Audubon Certificate. Back in the day, the course was known as The Golf Club of Jacksonville. Over the years, apart from changing the name, there have been many significant changes inside the course. Its size, its maintenance crew, among other things that made it even better.

Bent Creek Golf Course now measures 6,620 yards and plays for a par of 71. It is now home to one of Jacsonville’s premier golfing academies, the Bent Creek Golf Academy. As it sees itself in continuous growth, the golf course has also seen a growing number of patrons who have found their favorite golf trip destination this side of town.




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