King and Bear Golf Course

Two is better than one. Cliché. Two working as one. Romance. Two opposites working as one. Extraordinary. And this is exactly what the King and Bear Golf Course is. The course has two legendary rivals in golf working together – Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. More than designate each other with their respective nines, Palmer and Nicklaus ACTUALLY worked together to bring about one of the two championship courses in the renowned World Golf Village in Jacksonville, Florida. The result is one of the most talked-about, most visited golf vacation destinations this side of the country.

The King and Bear Golf Course carries with it the burden of representing the Hall of Famers, and who else could better carry out a course worthy of a world Hall of Fame but Nicklaus and Palmer no less. It measures more than 7,200 yards from the back tees, playing for a par of 72, featuring bunkers, water hazards, and hole placement that are neither Palmer nor Nicklaus, but both. The natural beauty of the area perfectly compliment the handiwork of the geniuses; the front nine is laden with loblolly pines and open meadows while the back nine is backdropped by a good helping of 200-year old oaks. These features of the golf vacation favorite are an epitome of what is obvious: the layout meshes perfectly with nature, creating a very astounding golf facility.

Along with its sibling course, the Slammer and Squire, the King and Bear Golf Course carry with it a prestige, challenge, and love for golf worth a world Hall of Fame. It delivers a golf trip that best carries out a one of a kind romantic affair with the sport – and makes every golfer realize two (or more) rounds are better than one.


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