Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Club

What could be more perfect a vacation than lounging in a lush valley surrounded by the best nature has to offer, and a stunning coastline just minutes away? Answer: A CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE. And not just any golf course at that: an 18-hole Pete Dye design that features both the best of its creator and the best of Nature’s splendor. Any vacation becomes an epic golf vacation that is unmatched by anything, unless one can find another destination that has a Pete Dye course and the amenities of the Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Club.

One of Pebble Beach’s pride , along with the other championship courses in the area, the Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Club brings with its name the reputation Pebble Beach has for golf trips. The golf course and the rest of the resort are situated amidst the verdant Sta Lucia mountains, capturing with it the best views and features of the valley. Pete Dye worked on the course with the intention of preserving the natural terrain while delivering the best golf experience for Pebble Beach vacationers. The result is a championship caliber 18-hole, par-70 course that measures 6,234 yards from the longest tees.

Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Club, as an added bonus to golf slash nature enthusiasts, is a safe and preserved wildlife haven. Golfers must expect some deer, wild turkeys and foxes coming to watch their games or peeking amongst the many oak trees all over the course. As good as it has been since it opened in 1981, its latest renovation has only made it even better. With its pristine conditioning and complete facilities including the elegant clubhouse, lodging and other sports facilities, the golf course at the Carmel will transform ANY vacation into THE GOLF VACATION.


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