Temecula Creek Inn Golf Club

The thing people look forward to the most about golf vacations is to have as much golf as they want to, however way they please. These occasions do not happen everyday and they must be perfect. Some golf resorts deliver. Some do not. But true to San Diego’s reputation of being a golfing haven, golfers are assured they will find that perfect course that will let them live out their dream golf getaways. This is what the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Club promises – AND DELIVERS.

The golf vacation destination is made of three nine-hole courses that are as varied from each other as they are as beautiful. The Temecula Creek Inn Golf Club features a variety of views and terrain characteristics that make the nines a combination of challenging and stunning. The Creek nine boasts of a traditional layout while the Oak nine is of sweeping mountain views. The Stonehouse nine, on the other hand, is best known for its highly dramatic elevation changes. Playing a short round in one of the courses, or playing a combination of two will definitely be the kind of golfing experience that could only be described as incomparable.

These qualities of the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Club have made quite an impression that Golf Digest’s Places to Play has ranked it with four stars. And who would not? Apart from three one-of-a-kind golfing experience it offers, it also has the most complete amenities for golf trips – from lodging to clubhouse to practice greens to just about everything else. The entire facility spells VACATION in bold; it makes it easy to figure out why this is a choice destination for when golfers want to be who and what they want to be.


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