Pala Mesa Resort

San Diego is among California’s top tourist hubs. Like the rest of the state, San Diego enjoys an almost-year round sunny weather and stunning landscapes that could only be found here. One of the things that tourists go to San Diego for is golf. A truly ideal golf vacation destination, SD has plenty of choices for lovers of the sport. One of its most celebrated courses is the Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course.

The resort course, which stretches on just 6,502 yards from the longest tees, is a massive structure for its size – more for the challenge and scenery than anything else. The Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course is characterized by several huge oaks, sycamores and elms. It is also a firework of greens and floral hues as it is heavily sprinkled with flowers of different colors making it one of the most beautiful courses in San Diego. Golf vacations here are well described as “challenging, beautiful, and peaceful”, a collective testament of the countless golfers made happy by the course. It is a perfect contrast of calmness in the surroundings, and a raging war of decisions in the psyche of golfers trying to get past the all the 18-holes with a neat scorecard.

The par-72 Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course has not only been praised by tourists who have had more than they bargained for for a golf trip. Golf Digest has given it an elusive 4 and a half-star rating while the PGA Professionals named it as among the Top 10 Courses in the San Diego County. It is in establishments like these that the natural splendor of San Diego is well beyond highlighted; it makes it outstanding – a tough feat in a state laden with some of the most beautiful cities in the world.




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