The Signature at West Neck Golf Club

When the Signature at West Neck Golf Club first opened in 2001, everyone was raving about it becoming a “timeless classic”. The golfing community expected a lot from the golf vacation destination. Not surprisingly so, the course bears the name of an Arnold Palmer as its creator, and the idyllic golf location of Virginia Beach as its home. How can anyone not expect a magnanimous result from this collaboration?

And magnanimous it was. The course stretches to a good 7,010 yards from the longest tees, all 18-holes spread on dramatically landscaped terrain. The course is a perfect collage of thirteen magnificent lakes, some stunning natural wetlands, and strategically placed beach bunkers. The greens and fairways of Tifsport Bermuda and A-grade bentgrass are conditioned to a state that could only be described as impeccable. The Signature at West Neck Golf Club displays such an air of elegance and unquestionable beauty, perfectly matched with a layout that is sure to challenge golfers playing from any of its five sets of tees. There is in fact a good reason to expect much from this golf vacation haven.

Today, a decade since the Signature at West Neck first opened for play, it is still as beautiful. The newer courses in the area and even the wear and tear of time has not fazed the course. It has become a favorite for golf trips and has a growing list of regular patrons who come back over and over to enjoy the scenery and its own brand of challenge. Undoubtedly, it has become the timeless classic it was meant to be.


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