Heron Ridge Golf Club

Great things come from small beginnings, or so they say. But none of these great things happen overnight. They take a lot of time, hardwork, and an ample amount of passion – not to mention the usual heaping of difficulty – to be achieved fully. With Heron Ridge Golf Club, it was the collaborative genius of Gene Bates and Fred Couples of the PGA Tour fame. This Virginia Beach golf trip favorite was, unbelievably, once a flat piece of cornfield bounded by oaks, Elm trees and natural wetlands.

From the looks of it today, there is not a trace of its agricultural past left. It has now become a championship 18-hole par-72 golf vacation haven that’s a good fifteen minutes away from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Its unusual elevation, natural hazards and the constant blow of the ocean breeze, and all come together to give every visitor at Heron Ridge Golf Club a unique experience at every hole. The water hazards that play on 14 of the holes also give the golfers something to think about during and even after the game. The course requires not only excellent shot making skills, but even better techniques and strategies to get past the tricky greens and mounds of the course.

A golf vacation destination with an attitude, Heron Ridge Golf Club has more than enough elements of challenge and fun to make for a novel story for a golf course. The 5 separate tees makes it perfect for any golfer, handicap regardless. With all its merits and growing list of patrons, Heron Ridge has indeed become so great that it could only look back to its humble beginnings with a contented smile and look towards its even better, greater future.


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