Kokopelli Golf Club

Southwestern Native American Indians have it in their legends the tale of a god named Kokopelli who is both a trickster and a lover, tricking his way into people’s hearts, and making people fall for him a la Casanova. It must be this same tricky and lovable quality of the god that it shares with its namesake of a golf vacation destination. The Kokopelli Golf Club in Apple Valley in southern Utah makes golfers fall for it over and over but only after tricking them into playing this ‘plain-looking desert course’.

At a glance, the golf course does look plain – meaning, flat. The difficult terrain would present itself right when the golfer has settled with the notion that it is going to be easy. The 18-hole spectacle stretches to over 7,600 yards from the longest tees and winds around jagged lava rock canyons and some more rugged desert terrain that makes it challenging. Kokopelli Golf Club, though, is not all tough holes. Sure there are a lot of difficult ones, especially those that play right along the canyons, and a few uphill bunkered ones. But what’s a golf vacation made of heartbreaks? The risk-reward system course has its share of fairly easy holes too, giving golfers a break from heartbreak.

The stunning picture of the surrounding desert and mountains are a perfect break for the senses too. Southern Utah is blessed with some of the best vistas in the west and Kokopelli Golf Club sits right where all the good sights are seen at every angle. It takes golfers to a golf trip filled with satisfying rounds and unparalleled views that it makes it easy for them to forgive it for tricking them – and of course, falling in love with it one round after another.


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