Valderra at the Ledges


Every golfer longs for a memorable golf vacation. It should be hassle free, fun, and nothing like he’s ever had. Needless to say, the golf course plays a role so major in the golfer’s search for that one of a kind vacation that a single flaw might ruin everything else. Good to know, there still are a few great golf courses that fits the role to a tee – just like the Valderra Course at the Ledges in Southern Utah. Regardless of whether the golfer plays as a pro, an amateur, or simply the recreational type, this golf course’s features will definitely play the part of the perfect course.

Located 900 feet above the St George, Utah Valley, this Matt Dye creation is more than some pretty face of a golf vacation destination. True, though, that it is a looker. With the red rick terrains of the desert surrounding the course and the unmatched view of the Snow Canyon State Park cliffs, it is quite hard to describe this as anything other than beautiful. But it is so much more than that. Its naturally rugged terrain makes it an even more rugged, tough course to play. Stretching 7,200 yards from the longest tees, the Valderra Course at the Ledges gives every golfer something to think about at every hole.

The most sought-after feature, however, of this course is its state-of-the-art facility. They have GPS-equipped golf carts, top caliber practice facilities, and their pride and joy: the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf at Valderra. The academy is packed with both high end equipment and the best pros to have for instructors. Truly, the Valderra Course at the Ledges not only plays the role of the dream golf trip destination, but actually lives it.


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