Le Diable Golf, Mont Tremblant

Even the meanest of all devils in golf would find it hard not to soften up and fall head over heels in love with Le Diable Golf Course in Mont Tremblant in Canada. With the breathtaking views of the ancient Laurentian Mountains, the pristine natural splendor and one of the best golf layouts ever made, it’s not surprising how this has become one of the highly favored golf courses (and a celebrated, well awarded one at that). But if a love affair made in heaven is what golfers are looking to find here, they must keep in mind this golf vacation destination is not called The Devil for nothing.

Everything may look heavenly in this Arizona-style golf course – and it is, undoubtedly – but the games here require bracing the many obstacles natural and not. Its creators have done a lot of good in making this one exciting challenge; the perfect irony to its breathtaking beauty. The Le Diable Golf Course is an 18-hole par-71 course created by the genius duo of Dr. Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry. One of the most notable features of this golf trip favorite are the red bunkers that outline the greens, making it both picturesque and challenging.

And as with anything that is easy to fall in love with, the Le Diable Golf Course has found its way to the hearts of the meticulous and quite picky golf publications. It has been awarded the Best Golf Destination Outside Ontario in 2008 by the Toronto Sun, and the 28th Best Golf in Canada by Globe Golf, Globe and Mail in 2005. It’s also on of Golf Style’s Top 10 Golf Courses in Canada (2005). For something named after the devil himself, there’s too much heaven on golf vacations here.


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