Stewart Creek Golf Club

To some, golfing is just a pastime. But when they experience the excellence of Stewart Creek Golf Club, they will definitely eat their words for the place is very comparable to their dream paradise. Once they’ve set foot in this club, it will make them want to spend another week in the place. It is located in Alberta, Canada and it opened in 2000. It is less than ten minutes from downtown Canmore, so there’s no need to get up too early for the morning tee time. Designed by Gary Browning, the place is very playable that it attracts different types of golfers. Because of its friendly environment, many visitors include the course on their list of ideal golf vacation spots.

Stewart Creek Golf Club plays every inch of 7,195 yards. Every hole is unique, taking full advantage of the place’s terrain at the base of the Three Sisters, Canada’s major mountain feature in Canmore. Selecting the right tee box for the handicap is the key to finish each hole – the fourth, fifth, and sixth holes are long, uphill, and will definitely test the players’ game. The back nine is where the enjoyment begins. “Hole No. 9 is what it is – hit an eight iron out to the landing area, and then a six iron in,” said Jacob Sonn, an Alberta golf expert. He added, “Definitely the weakest hole on the course, but don’t let it take away from the overall experience on your Canadian golf vacation to Canmore, Alberta.”

Designer Browning wanted the course to be more than just a challenge; he wanted it to be an experience by carefully planning each hole to perfectly fit in with the landscape. Stewart Creek Golf Club is a successful masterpiece by Gary Browning that it was called “The Best New Course in Western Canada” in 2002 by Golf Digest, giving it a four and a half star in 2002, 2003, and 2004. A golf trip to this place offers the visitors not only tough and challenging rounds, but also a great and wonderful experience.



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