Baywood Greens Golf Club – (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

Augusta is Augusta, an almost invincible institution in the world of golf. It has an unmatched beauty and brand of play that has been legendary – the kind that even legends are fazed. To be compared to it is an honor that is worth perhaps a hundred recognitions from the country’s top golf publications. And this is exactly what the Baywood Greens Golf Club has become: a golf vacation destination that is by all means worthy of being called the Augusta of the North.

Baywood Greens Golf Club is an 18-hole championship course in Longneck, Delaware that is the perfect fusion of nature and human creativity. It is a whooping 27 acres of man made ponds, 2 tunnels and over 200,000 varieties of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. They all combine to create the scenic paradise that it is today. Golf vacation packages here are made of fun and exciting rounds of golf on two superb nines – waterside and woodside, picture perfect moments amidst a plethora of flora in various colors, and the best memories.


The golf trip haven is only a few minutes from Delaware’s scenic Rehoboth Beach, and the Indian River Bay. This, its perfect conditioning and serving of world-class amenities like its clubhouse and pro shop all make the Baywood Greens Golf Club one good golf course. Too good in fact, that it has been awarded the #1 Best in the State for 2011-2012 by Golf Digest. With this recognition and more to come, it is carving its own name that could very well stand next to Augusta, among other legendary courses.


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