White Oak Golf Club

One of Atlanta’s finest jewels, White Oak Golf Club is the best place for avid golfers because of the unmatched golf sensation it provides. This is one of Canongate’s pioneer clubs. As one of the original clubs, White Oak is a place where visitors must not miss even a single glance of the club. This club has been the site of the Yamaha Georgia Women’s Open for 10 years. It gives a the kind of golf vacation that no one would be sorry for taking – avid golfer or not.

 Designed by the prolific Joe Lee, along with Rocky Roquemore, this old course is very concrete, fair, and seemingly flawless. It opened in 1986 as an 18-hole championship course. Additional nines were added between 1987 and 1990 to bring the course to a total 36-hole facility that members and guests enjoy today. The course’s 9th hole is closer to the clubhouse than the 18th that’s why the nines are reversed during tournament plays. The other holes are as tough as what other golfers say and offer different levels of difficulties. When having a golf trip to White Oak Golf Club, guests will realize why this club is a local favorite.

 Both Lee and Roquemore protect the pin positions on the expansive and undulating greens with the well-placed sand traps. An all-around quality layout produces a score that exactly reflects how well or poorly the golfers played. White Oak Golf Club has also practice facilities so beginners should not worry because they can learn how to get along with this one tough course. A golf trip to this golf club requires skills. This club is best for golfers who seek high-level of golf challenge.


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