El Conquistador – Conquistador Course

Tee off under the warm Arizona sun in the shadow of the spectacular Sta. Catalina mountains and the Tucson Valley. A keen golfer would be thrilled to discover what El Conquistador – Conquistador Course and why it is the largest and most popular golf resort in Tucson – and one of Arizona’s best. When planning for a retreat, El Conquistador is the ideal destination. Small houses are available for guests, with a spectacular view, and live bunnies and quails are everywhere. These cute animals fascinate the visitors which let them feel that they’re more on a zoo trip than a golf trip.

 El Conquistador – Conquistador Course offers 18 holes of the championship golf on three exceptional courses. Each hole of the course provides challenging play for golfers of different skill levels with course enhancements by Greg Nash, the original architect, to provide the highest quality of play throughout this Southwest golf resort. It has combined Tucson’s widest range of amenities and activities to enjoy not only golf but also tennis, fitness, kids programs, and dining in a picturesque setting. The course also features the perfect place to host golf tournaments. Competitive rates, world class food and superb services separate El Conquistador from any other golf trip experience in Tucson.

 Whether to play golf or just have a relaxing vacation, El Conquistador – Conquistador Course is the perfect destination. The course winds through numerous stands of mesquite trees, offering a park like feel in a desert landscape. El Conquistador is exceptionally playable with a lush feel. No wonder why it is named one of the top Arizona golf resorts in the Southwest. Overall, a golf vacation at this course is like going to the park, zoo, and golf area – all at the same time!


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