Foothills Golf Club

18 holes, 7000 yards, 60 bunkers, 3 lakes, 4 sets of tees, 4 stars from Golf Digest – the numbers alone can never truly describe the prestige and excellent playability of this picturesque golf course at the foothills of Arizona’s South Mountain. The Foothills Golf Club is the perfect equation that sums up desert golf at its most beautiful state. It is a golf vacation destination that not only is the best, but brings out the best in each golfer.

The par-72 medium length Foothills Golf Club is the result of the aggregate effort of world class designers Tom Weiskopf and Jay Moorish. They made the course to follow the natural contours of the rugged ridges and buttes of the South Mountain, as well as capture the most picturesque views of this part of Arizona. It may be known to be beautiful, but it is more than meets the eye. Golfers who are planning to head this way for their golf trips must never for one second think that it’s going to be easy – IT’S NOT. They would have to battle the dramatic elevation changes as well as the bunkers and water hazards all over the course. But then again, the more difficult it is, the more satisfying it will be at the end of the day.

The course’s various world class amenities and superb customer service, however, will make up for the difficulty on the course. Off the course, they can truly relax and bask in golf vacation goodness. The Foothills Golf Club of Arizona will never come short of delivering one memorable golf experience to each guest. It’s a simple equation: fun plus challenge plus breathtaking views equals a happy golfer.


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