Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Golf Resort is one great place to spend a lasting taste of a golf getaway. Blending the challenging golf course with the natural beauty of Red Rock of Sedona, this golf course features elevations ranging from 3,960 up to 4,260 feet. A golf trip to Sedona offers players with a mixture of perfect scenery and a challenging round of golf full of elevated tees, raised greens, and challenging approach spots.

 Each hole presents its own unique set of circumstances to make it challenging. Players will surely find something new to the place’s surprises. Sedona Golf Resort is located in the heart of Arizona , a unique destination known for its spectacular scenery. The course winds around the astonishing red rock cliffs and spires of Sedona. It makes for a picturesque scene of emerald greens set amid towering crimson sentinels. The Gary Panks-designed course is surrounded with terrific hotels where guests can spend their rest time comfortably. Consistently rated four starts by Golf Digest, this rare red-and-green golf course is a must-visit. This makes for the ideal golf trip for golfers who want to play in the Grand Canyon.

 This thrilling 6,646 yard, par-71 golf course is widely considered to be one of the world’s most unforgettable golf vacation destinations. The wide array of world class spa treatments, lap pool, and spa therapy makes it more interesting. Sedona Golf Resort , with its extraordinary beauty, can be compared to the seven wonders of the world – a perfect vacation destination where guests could feel one with nature while enjoying their favorite sport.


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