Ocotillo Golf Club

Also known as one of Arizona’s finest daily-fee courses for providing its guests with high standard course condition and customer service, Ocotillo Golf Club offers an extreme golf vacation experience. A getaway experience from the urban world, this golf club provides a refreshing and unique setting ā€“ from the award-winning facilities, wide rolling fairways, strong mature tees, to the different mountains, hill views, and many more. This undisputed golf club has many interesting wonders that’s worth more than a praise.

The three 9-hole courses of Ocotillo Golf Club played in combinations with various ranges of yardages give the golfers challenging rounds. Aside from the gaming aspect of the club, it also features the luxurious facilities associated with an elite private golf facility. When craving for aesthetics, the golf resort has lots of colorful flowers and other epic views such as the gigantic mountains, dark blue waterfalls, and mirror-like lakes which will absolutely feed the eyes. Ocotillo golf resort exceeds the expectations of a typical golf trip. The facility is a wise choice to create indelible memories for weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and class reunions.

No wonder why it has received awards and recognition. The club is listed as one of the top 50 resorts of Golf World Magazine 2009, top 100 golf shops of Golf World Business Magazine 2006, and rated four and a half stars by 2008 Golf Digest Magazine’s Best Places to Play. Its breathtaking scenery, top golfing facilities and a challenging desert course layout make golf trips at the Ocotillo a heavenly retreat for golfers anywhere. Ocotillo Golf Club never fails in providing the guests with high class recreational experience. It’s really worth a visit for golfers who wish to encounter a one of a kind vacation.


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