Golf in Jamaica

The Caribbean Sea is home to some of the world’s most beautiful island paradises. These islands are blessed with beautiful cerulean waters crashing fine powder beaches, and a rich ancestry, history and culture that make them truly unique. One of the Caribbean’s precious gems is Jamaica.

Jamaica literally means “Land of Wood and Water”. It has a long history of colonization and slavery from the Spanish and English invaders. The invasions and the trafficking and importing of slaves from Africa and Asia, have helped mold Jamaica into the culturally diverse island nation that it is today. It is now the seat of reggae music, and the home of famous athletes, world-class natural tourist destinations and some of the world’s best and most beautiful golf courses.

Montego Bay on the northern coast is the second largest city in Jamaica, next to Kingston, the capital. The sight and sounds of Montego Bay are a perfect breed of nature, culture, and history. Here tourists will find centuries-old homes, new amenities, and world-class golf courses. The best golf courses here are designed by equally renowned artists and the designs are hailed by the golfing community for its breathtaking Caribbean scenery and challenging but fun golf offerings. Three of the most notable golf courses on Montego Bay are: Cinnamon Hill Golf Club, Half Moon Golf Club, and the tale-filled White Witch Golf Course.

The Cinnamon Hill Golf Club The Cinnamon Hill Golf Club is cradled between the lush Jamaican Mountains on one side and the crystal blue Caribbean waters on the other. It sits on 400 sprawling acres at the Rose Hall Resort and Country Club. This 18-hole championship course was designed by Robert Von Hagge for the resort player, with the equally relaxing and challenging plays of the wind and traps giving that perfectly satisfying play. The caddies at Cinnamon Hill Golf Club are ranked as one of “The Best in the World” by Golfer Magazine.

Half Moon Golf Club An original Robert Trent Jones, Sr. design, the Half Moon Golf Club was recently renovated under Roger Rulewich’s watchful eye. How good it was in its original design has just gotten better with the new improvements on the course. It still has the same elements of challenge and fun in every hole for both the beginner and the advanced golfer, that has made it famous for the last 25 years, only better. It is named the Best Caribbean Golf Resort by Caribbean World Magazine, and is a member of the Jack Nicklaus “Great Golf Resorts of the World”.

White Witch Golf Course  The White Witch could perhaps be one of the most interesting courses on Montego Bay. It is named after the famous tale derived from the life and death of a rather infamous Jamaican character, Annie Palmer or “The White Witch”. Stories has it that Annie Palmer has murdered so many of her husbands and brutalized her slaves until she was murdered.

The site of the White Witch Golf Course is the site of Annie Palmer’s sugar plantation, thus the course’s creators, Robert von Hagge and Rick Baril, thought of naming the course after her. The 18-hole par-71 course features a view of the Caribbean from 16-18 holes and an even more challenging play of the wind and its mountainous terrain on 6,859 yards.

The Caribbean waters are so blessed with an undeniable and unequalled natural beauty, made more beautiful by the beauty of its people. No wonder the even more beautiful golf courses belong here as if it were made along with everything else.


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