Kierland Golf Club

Sun, sand, supremacy – these are three words that would come to mind when talking about Kierland Golf Club. The three nine-hole facility in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona is by far one of the best in the area. Designed by the renowned Scott Miller, Kierland Golf Club is part of the grandiose Westin Kierland Golf Club, offering only the finest amenities and warmest of services to its guests making it one ideal golf vacation destination.

Kierland Golf Club‘s three nines each have qualities very distinct from each other but could combine to create one of the best golf experiences this side of the planet. The three nines, Acacia, Mesquite, and Ironwood, each have one water hole apiece – all on the closing nines, to keep with the ultimate desert experience. The three nines all have a total of 300 bunkers. Not 3, not 30. 300 huge, steep bunkers are all over the golf vacation favorite to up your playing level. The Acacia nine features hilly fairways and a most captivating view of the McDowell Mountains. The Mesquite nine, on the other hand, features bunker-guarded open fairways and a view of three of Arizona’s most scenic mountains, the Camelback , the McDowell Mountains, and the Pinnacle Peak. Meanwhile, the Ironwood’s main features are its open fairways and natural desert washbeds.

Golf trips will never be mediocre at the Kierland Golf Club. Apart from the finest golf facilities they offer, they also have one of the best qualities of service. Guests would not have to ask for more – it has everything they could need and want in a golf resort. They have the heat and the sand of the Arizona desert, and the most challenging layout to go with it. It’s always a superb desert golf experience.


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