Hampton Cove – Highlands Course (Huntsville)

From one end of Alabama to the other, The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail provides the state with the best golfing experience. Each of the 26 golf vacation destinations at the Trail exude a character of its own – yet they all provide that top caliber golfing experience for their visitors. One of the prides of the Trail is the 54-hole facility, Hampton Cove. Located at the northernmost tip of the trail in Huntsville, AL, it features three signature courses: The Highlands Course, the River Course, and the Short Course. These three courses combine to make the Hampton Cove the place to be in golf. The Highlands Course at Hampton Cove is one of the most noteworthy – both in playability and in scenery.

The Highlands Course of Hampton Cove is an 18-hole Scottish Links-style, championship course. It is famous for its exciting elevation changes and picturesque surroundings. An old mule barn standing in solitude near the 5th hole is a perfect compliment to the surrounding woods of Japanese black pines, oaks, dogwoods and crepe myrtles. These trees were planted in thousands around the course to make this golf trip haven even more pleasing to the eyes.

Truly, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail makes for the perfect destination for that next golf vacation. It is a paradise of sorts for the avid golfer. It provides a truly unique golf experience at each of its offered courses. Every single course on the Trail is a must try, and the Highlands Course on Hampton Cove should be on top of that list.


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