Cocotal Golf & Country Club

When a golf vacation destination was designed by a six-time Spanish Champion and considered the “Picasso of golf design”, the expectations would naturally be high. The Cocotal Golf and Country Club in the Dominican Republic designed by Jose “Pepe” Gancedo, luckily, lives up to its visitor’s expectations and delivers only the best of scenery and always an exciting and challenging round of golf.

All-18 holes of this premier golf trip haven are strategically placed along and around tricky bunkers, lakes, and trees, amidst a gently rolling terrain. The design was set according to the natural features of the site. One must never trust easy looking holes, those that do not seem to pose any real threat of raising one’s scorecards. More often than not, they are anything but easy. The Cocotal Golf and Country Club has been designed to leave an imprint on its players for giving the best kind of challenge that makes them step their game up, and raise their confidence when they get to make the most difficult shots. The players would also have to brave the winds of the Caribbean when making their shots, another test of skills and strategies.

Cocotal Golf and Country Club‘s four sets of tees are very well designed to suit all types of handicaps – never too difficult to breed frustration and never too easy as to not pose any challenge at all. The kind of tests this top golf vacation destination poses to the player’s abilities lives up to its high profile as one  designed by a champion.


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