Williamsburg National Golf Club – Yorktown Course

The Yorktown Course of the Williamsburg National Golf Club is a Tom Clark designed masterpiece hailed for its striking challenges and immense beauty. This award-winning golf gem offers the 7,000-yard championship course that is often flocked by golfers of any skill level. According to Clark, the layout bears the traditional design less the “gimmicks”. And so, since the golf layout’s inception in July of 2007, it has been drawing in all sorts of crowds of all ages. Non-golfing guests also have their own fair share of nature’s finest beauty manifested by this startling golf vacation destination where man’s ingenuity perfectly blends with the natural setting.

What makes the Yorktown Course of Williamsburg National Golf Club quite unique from the rest of the Virginia courses is that it can compete with the seasoned layouts. The well-conditioned course as well as the difficulty level that the entire layout offers the golfing guests are among the many things that makes the Yorktown Course a must try. Add up the superb ambiance and you’ll have the golf escape of a lifetime.

Aside from the challenging golf rounds, the Yorktown Course of the Williamsburg National Golf Club is also home to some of the world’s most respected PGA Teaching Professionals. That is why, if you want to learn the finest golf instructions from the basics all the way to the advanced techniques, what the place can give you is always the above the rest. Tag along the entire family now and make a dream golf trip to Williamsburg a reality. Arrange with golf vacation experts that can provide the cost effective golf vacation packages that will suit your preferences and budget.


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