Planter’s Row Golf Club

Planter’s Row Golf Club is the last of the three golf courses at Port Royal Golf Club on Hilton Hill Island. Designed by William Byrd and built in 1983, this 18 hole resort-type course provides unrivaled golf experience to professional and amateur golfers.

This 6,625 yards golf vacation destination hosted the PGA Senior Tour’s Hilton Head Seniors International in 1985 and was also named one of the “Top 75 U.S. Golf Resorts” by the Golf Magazine. Planter’s Row Golf Club was recognized as a “Silver Medal” resort by the Golf Magazine and has been cited in many other golf industry publications. Why not, this Byrd creation features challenging, undulating and treacherous greens enveloped in a park-type setting and tree-lined fairways.

Situated along the luxurious oceanfront Westin Resort on the northwestern point of the Hilton Island, Planter’s Row Golf Club comes with an almost natural forest feel. Its fairways resemble bowling lanes that requires straight drives in order to score well on the course. Clearly visible are a good number of trees that tend to challenge players as they approach the small greens around the vicinity.

Bodies of water such as lagoons and lakes often come into play at Planter’s Row Golf Club. As a matter of fact, water skirts at least 10 of the 18 holes found in this popular golf vacation spot. Also evident is the water carry that leads to the green on three holes. Given this scenario, accuracy is definitely a must for players in this multi-awarded course.

Planter’s Row Golf Club features an elaborate practice facility that contains several putting areas, at least two bunkers and a dozen driving ranges. On top of that, this club is home to one of six Tour Academies in the country. It provides multi-day golf schools, private lessons and golf clinics three days a week. This way, individuals and families who are on a golf trip escapade has plenty of opportunities to master their golfing skills.


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