Shipyard Golf Club

Shipyard Golf Club is an ideal getaway for the adventurous golf enthusiasts. Why not, this course has a reputation for being the preferred hangout of typical Hilton Head alligators. Its 27 holes and 25 bodies of water is home to more or less 250 alligators that are typically seen slithering through the small lakes and lagoons. This popular golf vacation destination happens to be a premier watering hole for gators lazily basking in the sun with their eyes and snouts slightly above the water. Fear not, though, because there is more to this golf resort than alligators that tend to look at golfers with their blank reptilian eyes. Aside from large reptiles, this golf club is also home to more than hundreds of critters, 20 species of birds and several odd-sounding crows.

Designed by George W. Cobb and built in 1970, Shipyard Golf Club is one of several Hilton Head golf courses characterized by a terrain of towering pines, flowering magnolias and moss-draped oak trees. It is popularly known as one of the oldest golf in Hilton Head islands. This golf is characterized by three nines that are equally prepared and enhanced to suit the different skills of players. None of its ranges are overly difficult, although some of its fairways are rather narrow. It also features a few bunkers guarding the steady march of doglegs. Also existing are semi-tough holes and risk-rewarding options such as that of the 2nd hole which is bordered by a lake.

Generally speaking, Shipyard Golf Club is an excellent golf vacation destination because of well-thought design, courtesy of course of its designer. It has narrow fairways that can almost easily land you into trouble off the tee and it features a great deal of water on the course.

Families and beginner golfers can take advantage of junior tees that dot each hole at Shipyard Golf Club. There are also separate junior scorecards as well as junior rental clubs. On top of that, this golf vacation destination has an exclusive one nine called “Family Fun”, a range that offers reduced fees for families with juniors.


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