Southern Pines Golf Club

In North Carolina’s Sandhills region, no other golf course architect has probably made a lasting impression as Donald Ross. One of Ross’ many creations in Sandhills is the Southern Pines Golf Club. Southern Pines is popularly referred to as a true shotmaker’s course. While this venerable golf vacation destination does not fully measure to the length of today’s golf courses, it compensates this disparity by offering a variety of shots from the tee, and even more challenging shots into the greens. At 6,300 yards, Southern Pines retains the moniker for having the most entertaining 18 holes of golf in Sandhills.

The Southern Pines Golf Club is an 18-hole, tree-lined parkland course which gives players the feel of playing in the early years of Pinehurst. In this golf vacation getaway, bump and run shots are the norm, as in the olden days, and tee shots commanded precision over mere length. With rolling and heaving terrain and several slopes to climb, Southern Pines is a pleasing reminder of the integrity and genuineness of the Golden Age of golf architecture. It is a must-play if you’re visiting the Southern Pines and Pinehurst area.

The Southern Pines Golf Club’s layout bears all the unique characteristics of the Golden Age of golf course architecture. In this course, water rarely plays a factor and the holes are well-positioned too. The next tee box is also not too far from the previous green and the tighter holes need not be overpowered by 350-yard drives. The Southern Pines layout has a slightly bygone-era rugged look and feel, with tightly-folding dogwoods and pine tree-lined fairways which lead every golfer to well-bunkered but small and tricky greens. This golf vacation getaway has a natural, exceptionally-toned design which best reflects the restrained mystery and soulful splendor of the Sandhills Region.


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