Black Bear Golf Club

Bold and beautiful is what the Black Bear Golf Club is all about. Set along Myrtle Beach’s vast lands secluded away from the busy world, this stunning golf escape designed by the renowned Tom Jackson has been drawing in crowds since inception. After the golf course’s opening in 1989, massive makeovers were made to make sure that the finest experience in golf is redefined season after season. In 2006, this 6,800-yard Par-72 layout had its greens reconstructed with Champion Bermuda greens. No structures line the fairways, when at play, it is all about you, the challenging holes, and nature’s finest.

What makes the Black Bear Golf Club a top notch choice among the golf enthusiasts is that all handicappers can take full advantage of the entire layout without having to spend so much. Although the highly skilled may not struggle that much with the challenges that the layout brings, still each round at Black Bear brings about a different feel, unique from the other. And since the area is engulfed by nature and has been ringed and segmented by 23 glistening lakes, non-golfing guests can also enjoy the serene ambiance that goes along with nature. A day wandering around an amazing golf escape surrounded by natural vegetation can already provide the needed relaxation even without hitting the greens.

The Black Bear Golf Club is also being highlighted by a Plantation-style clubhouse where guests can gather after a round of golf for a chat over snacks. The place also features the Pro Shop where guests can get some of the needed items and equipments before heading to the greens. And for those who are new to golfing, lessons with highly qualified instructors are also being offered. Practice facilities can also be located if in case warming ups are necessary. If planning to take a golf escape away from the busy world, golf vacation packages heading to some of Myrtle Beach’s finest golf resorts are available.


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