River Hills Golf & Country Club

Set in the vast lands of a historic village, the River Hills Golf & Country Club offers the magnificent 18-hole golf haven. Designed by the renowned Tom Jackson, this “must try” golf vacation destination is a coastal resort that meanders through the area’s heavily wooded terrain with the unusual rolling terrains. Since the course’s inception, the place has been attracting all sorts of guests, golfers and non-golfers alike. Among the many things that make this golf haven alluring include the gracious setting of Southern charm and nature’s finest. It also bears an unbeaten combination of superb course condition and customer service.

The River Hills Golf & Country Club also takes pride in providing golf enthusiasts the fair test in golf. While on play, golfers come face to face with the 40-foot elevation changes as well as the non-parallel fairways. Along with other challenging features, this golf haven was given a course rating of 69.8 and a slope rating of 125. That is why this stunning golf vacation destination was nominated by Golf Digest as the “Best New Course” and was cited by GolfWeek as among the “Top 50 in the Southeast” list. Although the design was tucked back into the Little River’s woods, its distinct outline has made this Tom Jackson gem an all-time favorite among occasional golfers as well as Myrtle Beach’s visiting guests.

When visiting the River Hills Golf & Country Club, not only that guests are provided with the best golf facilities but also the relaxing ambiance away from the busy world. Look for affordable golf vacation packages now and make the most out of your hard earned money.








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