Pine Lakes Country Club

What was once a natural dune less vast land in South Carolina has now turned into one of the best golf vacation destinations that Myrtle Beach takes pride on. The Pine Lakes Country Club was first introduced to the public way back in 1927 as a classic golf course that featured the rolling fairways and numerous freshwater lakes. This 9-hole resort was designed by the famed Robert White and was considered as “Myrtle Beach’s first Golf Resort”. In 1527, Sports Illustrated also featured the golf course when a group of Time-Life Inc. executives trained as well as planned for their weekly sports activities. And after how many years of living with the traditional golf, the golf course then underwent major restorations.

The Pine Lakes Country Club was reopened in 2009 after the renowned Architect Craig Schreiner headed the restoration project. After the multi-million dollar renovation, the golf course relived its glorious days. The design still retains most of the original nine that was created by White but now as the course’s back nine. The current design now features less blind water hazards; recontoured terrains, added length, several sandy waste areas, as well as the lake, all perfectly blend with the lush Seashore Paspalum grass. And the resort’s clubhouse now exudes clearly the graceful Southern architecture that symbolizes the area’s rich and deeply rooted tradition and history.

If you want to experience Myrtle Beach’s “Grand Daddy of Them All”, then head your way to the Pines Lake Country Club. There are already plenty of golf vacation packages that will fit your budget and preferences. Annually, this amazing golf course holds at about 36,000 golf rounds. Have your share of golf rounds now at this historic golf escape.







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