Glen Dornoch Golf Links

What makes Glen Dornoch Golf Links naturally attractive is the setting itself. This stunning Clyde Johnston masterpiece is perfectly nestled on a 260-acre spot where the ancient live oaks and sparkling lakes are in abundance. Although this golf vacation destination has been considered as a coastal golf course, the layout was naturally blended with the elevation changes and terrains. And when on play, golfing guests will have the fair share of the spectacular water and marsh views. To add up to the excitement, some of the holes border a scenic stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway of South Carolina where guests can take a glimpse of the occasional boat dance. It was named Glen Dornoch to pay tribute to the birthplace of the legendary Donald Ross, Dornoch, Scotland.

The Glen Dornoch Golf Links has also been one of the most talked about golf courses in Myrtle Beach. Each of the holes in this layout was carefully crafted to make sure that it runs in smooth transition with the area’s natural terrain. Along with the challenging holes that throw various looks and angles, golfers also need to come across the dreaded pot bunkers in order to complete the golf game. And among the holes that golfers must watch out for is the closing trio. Along the Grand Stand, holes #16, #17, and #18 are the ones considered as the hardest. That is why winning at Glen Donorch is already regarded as an experience of a lifetime.

Another thing that makes this golf vacation destination amazing is that it has the superb year-round conditioning. That is why the golf course has been cited with the “Best in Golf” award by the Myrtle Beach Golf Magazine and William Nack’s “Favorite Places to Play”. In 2004, the golf course was also cited as Myrtle Beach’s “Most Challenging Course”.


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