The Grand Cypress Golf Club

Orlando GolfAn exciting escape away from the hustles of the busy world is what the Grand Cypress Golf Club is all about. This popular golf vacation destination offers guests with the stimulating game of golf at Jack Nicklaus’ Signature layout. Golfers can opt for the 27-hole North/South/East Course or the 18-hole New Course. Each of the golf course offers unique challenges that will test every golfer’s skill level even that of the professionals.

The North, South, and East Course will test your accuracy skills Orlando Golfmore than the distance and strength. If you opt for the North and South combination that is marked by tall shaggy mounds, sharply edged fairways, and the plateau greens that are perched on either sand or water, you will get into a target-style test that can be very demanding. But if you are into run-up shots, then the East Nine makes the perfect avenue. With the three nines, you can come up with any combinations in order to play an exciting and challenging 18-hole golf round.

Orlando GolfThe New Course on the other hand offers the steeper golf scene that features the additional challenging slopes and bunkers. This Scottish inspired layout also served as Nicklaus’ homage to the St. Andrews’ famed Old Course. Golfers will encounter stone bridges and walls, burns, gorse mounds, double greens, and the pot bunkers that can be as deep as twelve feet. Although the layout may seem treeless on the interior and only a little fraction of water comes into play, the course will still surprise you. There will be instances that the skilled golfers find themselves taking glance at the wrong fairway even at the slightest slice.


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