Pinehurst Golf

North Carolina GolfIn North Carolina’s sand hills east of Charlotte lies the village of Pinehurst, home of the renowned Pinehurst resort that has become a popular golf vacation destination. It’s well designed courses served as the host site of several championship matches including the 1936 PGA Championship, the 1951 Ryder Cup, 1999 and 2005 U.S. Open Golf Championships, the 2007 U.S Open Golf Tournament for women, the 2008 U.S. Amateur, the Championship of the U.S. Kids Golf World in 2009, and many other prestigious golf competitions. Being a favorite vacation destination and a recreation haven, Pinehurst offers 8 amazingly designed layouts namely Pinehurst #1, Pinehurst #2, Pinehurst #3, Pinehurst #4, Pinehurst #5, Pinehurst #6, Pinehurst #7, and Pinehurst #8.

Pinehurst #1

Pinehurst #1 is the first stay and play facility in the resort that offers the challenging 18 holes with the Donald Ross’ touches. The first 9 holes were built by Dr. Leroy Culver and another 9 holes by John Dunn Tucker. Although the layout is a short 6, l28-yard with par 70, golfers of all ability levels still spend long tee hours for sloppy short games or wild drives.

Pinehurst #2

Carefully placed bunkers, undulating greens, and strategic layout Pinehurst Golfthat challenges both the long and short plays are what Pinehurst #2 boasts about. Considered as the best of all the layouts, golf course designer Ross in his own words described this masterpiece as “the fairest test of championship golf”. The course also served as the venue for prestigious golf competitions including the 2005 U.S. Open Championships.


Pinehurst #3

Perfectly challenging is what Pinehurst #3 is all about. This Ross masterpiece features the tricky greens and the straightforward layout where direction and not distance plays an important factor. Golfers who love the science of the nine-iron shot or carry the ball with less than 200 yards, this uniquely designed 5,682-yard course will suit them fine.

Pinehurst #4

Pinehurst GolfWhen the course first opened in 1919, Pinehurst #4 underwent major renovations under Tom Fazio when it re opened in 2000. The brand new course now features more than 140 new pot bunkers, new layouts, and the incredible new lake that created the new face for an old signature name. Golfers of all abilities can spend hours of challenging tee times with friends to further enhance their skills or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Pinehurst #5

Pinehurst #5 layout was designed by Ellis Maples who was the son of Donald Ross’ right hand for more than 40 years. Set in the naturally designed golf architecture, this 18-hole course features more water hazards than any of other layouts in the resort. The #5 layout is also home to the Cathedral Hole, the course’s par-three 15th, which is considered as one of the prettiest holes that ever existed.

Pinehurst #6

Developed by George and Tom Fazio, the Pinehurst #6 course is setPinehurst Golf in a very dramatic site that features an array of elevation changes. With their brilliant minds working together, the layout offers every golfer a golf course with a different style. The challenging holes were perfectly placed in a more rugged terrain with thick vegetation spots and water, all ringed by woods. Among the all-time favorites is the number 6 hole.

Pinehurst #7

Off a mile from the Main Clubhouse is another Ross designed layout that is uniquely Pinehurst with a blend of the mountainous flavor. This 18-hole Pinehurst #7 layout features the vast bunkers that would require every golfer’s bold tee shots, wetlands, and the double doglegs. Of all the 18 holes, the 18th which plays par 5 downhill all the way to the green flanked by water, is considered to be one of the most challenging that the resort offers.

Pinehurst #8

Pinehurst GolfThe Pinehurst #8 course was opened in order to commemorate the centennial year of Pinehurst. Designed by the famous Fazio, the layout features the sloping greens, false fronts, and the dips and swales. This remarkable layout is already a proven championship course when it served as the venue for the 1997 and 1998 Club Pro Championship.


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