Nevada Golf

Considered as the 7th largest in terms of land area, Nevada basically covers the Great Basin to its North and the Mojave Desert to its South. This mountain region, which has been dubbed as the Silver State of the U.S. due to the large silver deposits, is also home to the sandy deserts and the semi arid grass lands. Although Nevada is popularly known for its casinos which brought in gaming revenue of around $12 billion, the state also takes pride on the array of resort areas that offer endless outdoor adventure for guests to feast on. Aside from the natural wonders, Nevada has the well manicured greens that offer exciting golf vacation packages.

Las Vegas

Nevada GolfKnown for unprecedented glitz and glamour, Las Vegas is considered as the world’s most exciting as well as entertaining city in the world. Guests from all over the world flock the city for its luxurious casino hotels, wonderful live entertainment, fine dining, dazzling light shows, world-class shopping, and the internationally acclaimed resorts. Off the glitters of the neon lights are the enchanting panoramas of the city’s great outdoors and the manicured greens that offer the best teeing experience that is beyond compare. At this fun city, there are plenty of things to do for everyone.


Located 80 miles off northeast of Las Vegas is Mesquite, Nevada Golfa city that has been home to several casinos as well as a growing retiree population. Set in a rugged desert, Mesquite offers an array of fascinating attractions like the numerous delicately-carved spires of the Bryce Canyon National Park. Guests can also discover the city’s rich local history through the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum or explore the great outdoors through the well designed golf courses that offers the mountain’s sweeping views.


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