South Carolina Golf

South Carolina is state that borders North Carolina to its north, Georgia to the south and west, and Atlantic Ocean to the east was originally a part of the Carolina Province. The state’s vast area is composed of 36 geographic areas with 3 coastal zones on its southeast part. South Carolina’s coastline is comprised of large numbers of salt marshes and estuaries and the natural ports. On the west are the Midlands or the Sandhills region that is home to the remnants of the old coastal dunes when the oceans were higher and the land was sunken. The state also owns several major lakes in addition to the mountain chains which serves as the wonderland of all sorts of outdoor adventure seekers. Aside from the endless outdoor activities, South Carolina also boasts of its pristine greens which gave the state a citation of being “America’s #1 Golf Destination”. Golfers and vacation goers alike can take advantage of the numerous golf vacation packages to have the best experience that any other place can give.


South Carolina GolfAside from being South Carolina’s oldest city, Charleston is also the state’s 2nd largest city and has remained among the United States’ ten largest cities. With the prominence of churches on its low rise cityscape, Charleston has also been dubbed as The Holy City. The city is also home to a considerable number of hotel chains, luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, and the East Coast’s 4th largest container seaport. Guests from all parts of the globe can also put to test their swinging skills on the city’s best greens along with the other leisure destinations that this vibrant coastal city offers.

Hilton Head

Hilton Head, named after Captain William Hilton, is set in a 12 mile semi-tropical barrier island. The island was once inhabited thousands of years ago by the Native Americans. In 1983, Hilton Head was incorporated as a municipality. The island then became known for the “eco-friendly” developments. Along with its rich history, the island is often flocked by local and foreign guests who would want to experience some of the world’s best beaches as well as the great golf courses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Kiawah Island

Set 15 miles off south of Charleston, Kiawah is a barrier island South Carolina Golfhighly acclaimed for its beaches, luxurious villas, renowned greens, and the array of tourist’s attractions. Considered as a major tourist destination in the U.S., the island caters to thousands or even millions of guests from the different parts of the globe each year. Aside from the beautiful marshes, river sceneries, and the 10 mile stretch of beach, Kiawah Island also boasts of its abundant wildlife comprised of numerous variety of species.

Myrtle Beach

This coastal resort city of South Carolina has been home to beach towns as well as the array of barrier islands. Also known for its excellent seafood restaurants, outlet-style shopping, wide beaches, and the best selection of challenging golf courses, Myrtle Beach attracts more than 14 millions of visits each year. The influx of visitors has become the major source of the city’s economy with the tourism industry dominating above any other industries. Golfers from across the nation also visit the city to experience the best greens that is beyond compare.


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