Virginia Golf

Scenic landscapes and expanses of farmland suit the best description for the state of Virginia which belongs to the original 13 British colonies. The state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Appalachian mountains to the west. Among the many great features that make Virginia an attractive vacation destination includes the pristine beaches, lush forests, some of North America’s oldest towns and the array of small-scale wineries. Golf enthusiasts can also take advantage of the state’s well designed undulating greens that comes with exciting and affordable golf vacation packages perfect for the whole family and friends.

Homestead Resort

Virginia GolfA luxury resort situated in the middle portion of the Allegheny Mountains, The Homestead is home to the state’s largest hot springs. The resort, designated as part of the National Historic Landmark, also boasts of Virginia’s oldest alpine ski resort that was founded way back in the mid 1900s. Set in a perfect location for challenging golf holes, Homestead Resort also offers the championship golf courses that have already hosted several national tournaments. The first tournament was the United States Women’s Amateur Golf Championship in 1932 and the latest was the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur Championship in 2009.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is considered as the United States’ 41st largest city that holds a population of about 440,415 based on its 2008 census. Along with other independent cities, smaller cities, towns and counties of Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach belongs to an area popularly known as the “America’s First Region”. As a major tourist destination, the city is home to miles of beaches, several state parks, military bases, long-protected beach areas, universities, large corporations, and the numerous historic sites. Golf fanatics can also experience the best swings on the city’s well designed greens.


Virginia GolfAn independent city on the Virginia Peninsula, Williamsburg was formerly known as the Middle Plantation; a fortified settlement in 1632. The city was renamed Williamsburg after Virginia’s Colony was moved there in 1698. With the city’s rich history, Williamsburg, together with Jamestown and Yorktown became Virginia’s Historic Triangle which has been attracting visitors from all parts of the world. The city is also home to some of the world’s best golf courses with the championship holes that offer challenging rounds that will surely match every golfer’s desire.


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