Bermuda Golf

Golf in Bermuda

Also known as Somers Islands, the Bermudas is considered as a British overseas territory found in North Atlantic Ocean. The place serves as one of the last remains of the vast British colonial empire territory in North America. Bermuda is comprised of approximately 138 islands and islets with major islands connected together by the road bridges. Each year, tourists from all parts of the globe visit Bermuda to experience the best relaxing environment that no other escape destinations can offer. Aside from the array of sightseeing attractions, this 21-square mile island is also home to some of the world’s finest greens. Guests can take advantage of the golf vacation packages in Bermuda in order to experience the best that this sublime subtropical paradise can offer.

Bermuda Islands

Nature at its finest suits the best description for Bermuda Islands. With the island’s stunning location, serenading wildlife, lush hills, and the blooming vegetation, Bermuda Islands serves as the haven for endless outdoor adventure. The island is also considered as a paradise where several masterpieces of renowned golf course designers and architects are set. Golfers of all ability levels can put to test their swinging skills on the island’s seven amazing golf courses. They include the semi-private Belmont Hills Golf Club, the challenging Fairmont Southampton Golf Course, the legendary Mid Ocean Golf Club, the meticulously manicured Ocean View Golf Club, the Port Royal Golf Club, the Ridell’s Bay Golf Club, and the Tuckers Point Golf Club, which was cited as one of the “Best Golf Resort in the Caribbean”.


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